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Metal Gear Solid 3???


9 Aug 2003
Someone told me there would be a MGS 3 for Playstation 2? or Gamecube is this true??? I havent heard any news from Konami...maybe I'm just out of touch haha 👍
me neither!! what storyline did you prefer,... the MGS1 story or MGS2 sons of liberty...or even th MG story line on NES?
Somehow, seing Solid Snake eating a raw snake or fish with is bare hands in MGS3 doesn't appeal to me as much as MGS1 or MSG2 did. Well... I'll wait to catch a few more glimpses of the story, but so far, the roaming around a jungle in the 60's doesn't look something that I would enjoy doing.

...then again, cruising Miami in a convertible, listening to 80's music didn't look so hot but I loved Vice City. :)
MSG 3 had WAAAAAAAAY too many cutscenes. It was terrible (what I call Final Fantasyitice. IMHO MSG 2 really was the best in the series. Splinter cell in my mind was the realy followup to MSG2, that game blew me away. I hope the Japanese designers take some queues from that game, otherwise its going to sink in the north american market.
The Konami website has screencaps for MGS3, I also heard about a Metal Gear Solid remake in the works, can anyone confirm?
well the main character won't be Solid Snake but BIGBOSS!

they make a metal gear for NGC, "the twin snake" i think!
yea you are right its called The Twin Snakes on NGC
the same game on PS1 but with better GC

Look at these pics:

The Twin Snakes

Looks cool ha

Sanke Eater


read the circled letters
It looks like it'll have an awesome graphics , it's cool for me if snake had to go with this jungle ( you can play hide-n-seek with guards ... lol ) anyway I've liked MGS 2's storyline , and looking foreword to see MGS 3 :)

ive played the importversion, and it is good nathan,though i couldnt understand a word they were saying the gameplay is very good, reminds me of that damn forest from mg 2 :solid snake......
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