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Men and Women are we equal?

19 Apr 2002
I personally don't know what to believe,
I have heard that we are both equal but in what?
Work? Homelife? Decision making? The route we take as a couple? or just when it comes to paying those nasty bills?
What is your opinion on this matter?
Have your say and vote in the poll.
I didn't see a "poll" on this question, but I will answer that we are definitely equal human beings!! And that's what should matter. Just my opinion ... :)
Animal Farm !

I think there was a quote from Orwell's "Animal Farm" about all animals are equal, but some are more Equal than others. I think we all have different strengths and weaknesses and mother nature planed it that way !

men are men, women are women, not all men are equal, nor are all women are equal...equality is an ideal, but not the reality...

Frank: like the maneki neko avatar.... :D
No there aren't

They're not equal and will never be. Anyway, rights should be the same, but also the obligations. ;)
It's great to be different, but not fun to be discriminated or exploited. I think they'll be diferent forever, hope not very diferent.
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