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1 Apr 2004
A certain number of members (including me) are posting drawings, and I was selected to ask whether we could have a members drawings section in the gallery!
Thank you for comprehension! 👍 :D
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Just do like me upload the pics and wait and see if they accept them, I uploaded chicks in bikinis, Japanese rockers, Male Idols and 3 sections were made for them.
It's a total mess now ^^'
**think about the post where he talk about yaoi and shippuu says it was great**
an admin will have to answer your question as to whether or not there will be a new addition to the gallery. contrary to popular belief they are busy people and have other things to do. so just chill out for awhile, give them time consider your suggestion.
Rest assured your concerns are being addressed. It might take some time to reach a decision - just cool your heels for a bit. :)
Drawings can be uploaded here. Watch out not to upload them in the regulary gallery (member gallery...) as otherwise they will be deleted. You will need to have at least 20 posts to access the entertainment gallery.
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