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22 Apr 2003
Very new to this whole forum thing, or at least things have changed alot since I was last doin' this kina thing.

My name is Joel Zika, I am an Australian, Born in Tasmania, studied and now work in Melbourne.

I am a lecturer in Digital Imaging at Monash University. I am a practising artist working in digital graphics, animation and video.

I know nothing about Japanese life or culture, but a fair amount about Japanese animation and design. I am eager to inform my own arts practice through some specific research into japanese mythology, decorative arst, Design and of course by travelling to japan,

Rock on
ello joel welcome the the forums. i stayed not too far from monash in springvale/noble park for about a month last year. i liked it very much, melbourne is a great city. whats it like working at monash since they had that shooting there a couple months back. it was a shooting right? with the foreign exchange student from the phillipines, indonesia or malaysia. like have alot of things changed or they pretty much back to normal? because i was thinking of attending school there at some point, but im not so sure after that...
Chinese student, to be honest I just looked it up (his actuall nationality), every news report just said 'asian looking'.
I started work at the Caufield Campus this year where the Design/fine arts are situated, it's very small and personal whereas Clayton is the Super huge campus in the middle of no where.

I was teaching at another Uni at the time and it did have an effect on the beurocracy of trying to control students movements, which was a pity.

There is a far more important debate which was never really raised about foreign policy, but that can wait.
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