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Melt-banana coming back Oct '07


9 Jul 2003
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This summer Melt-banana came to tour the US but had to cancel or re-schedule some dates because they hooked up for some shows with US metal/rock band Tool. But will also be playing some shows in Sept in Japan. Below is the message from their email list. peace, sukotto

Helllllo! MELT-BANANA here.
We came back to Tokyo from USA tour in July, and now we are spending hot hot
summer here....

* After the tour, we have not had shows in July and August, so we are
looking forward to playing shows in September.
We have 3 shows in September, and from mid-October, we go to tour in USA

09/16 Niigata Death Camp
This is a festival held in Minami-Uonuma, Niigata, which is northern part in
Japan. It is Death Death festival!
More info at

09/23 Yamagata Sandanista
This one is also a festival called Do It Festival, which a band from
Yamagata called Shift is organizing. Many unique bands will be playing!
More info at

09/30 Shinokubo Earthdom
This will be only a show in Tokyo before USA tour in the fall, playing with
great bands, and we are sure it's going to be a good show!
More info at

We won't play a show in Japan for a while after these shows because of USA
tour in the Fall, so come to enjoy our live shows in September if you are in

** And, yes, we are going to tour in USA from mid-October. First date will
be on Oct.17th. In May - July, we toured in USA, but because of supporting
TOOL, we could not go to many places where we were to play. So this time,
our tour is called "Bambi's Revenge Tour", and we go to those places where
we could not go lat time. (Last tour was called "Bambi's Dilemma Tour, by
the way...)
Now our booking agent KORK is taking care of our booking, and when we got a
schedule in details, we update it on our web-site, so check out and get

*** MELT-BANANA Official Web-Site:
(You can also jump from www.a-zap.com !!)
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