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megatokyo... =D

I LOVE megatokyo ^_^ I've read every single strip, have an obsession with the merchandise, and got fred's autograph. <3<3<3
it's quite an amusing comic... like when largo uses all the vending machines to beat up those guys... 😄
I love it, but the only problem with it is that it is a daily comic. Therefore, if the artist is not round' then the backup guy has to make a stick figure drawing. I suggest they take a month off, draw 100 new comics, and release them at the daily rate and sit back and relax.

I like the style that is being used on the background characters and the artists rendition of himself. I dont like some of the characters designs, though unique, lack in manga depth.

I have also noticed that the site and forum go VERY slow on my computer and I can only view the latest comic without waiting 5-10 minutes for the page to load a new comic. The hosting is quite high ranked but the traffic is killing the server, therefore the page load is losing its shine and speed.

~Arigato, Ja Matta~
I think he is just not a proper artist. A really good friend of mine who is a penciller frelancer (worked for marvel) can pump out three pages in a NIGHT, and this guy can't do a single frame in a DAY consistantly? thats pretty weak.

It just goes to show how the US is completely un informed about the manga. The fact of the matter is that people only read mangas that conincide with anime series, but not the REALLY good stuff that do not have a crossover into the manga world. Thats not to say that mangas can't be good TV series... but most of the best ones don't make it over here which is a shame.

Kinda sad actually.
I think the art itself is cute. It's not something I'm used to (compared to few other manga) but it's not that bad. What bothers me a little is how slow the story is (or feels to me). But I doesn't bother me too much. It's nice to read two times a week (usually). I'm glad Fred gets to do what he likes.
Yeah I read Megatokyo. I've read all of them. I like the artwork..sometimes the hands look alittle bad but on the whole I like the style. The artwork has steadily improved if you read it from the first page.

I also like reading Penny-arcade and CtrlAltDel they give me a good chuckle sometimes. ;)

I am a follower of mega tokyo ^-^ I love the way largo uses l337 alot. mosh mosh revolution looks like fun.
Porl- penny arcade is one of the best ever! although I have found alot of people don't get the jokes, but thats ok. if they don't get the jokes they don't deserve to know ^-^ *cough* alex z. *cough*
I like Megatokyo. I can't really comment on the artwork fairly, considering I'm much worse.
The artwork in Megatokyo does have much to be desired, but the overall of the story and plot go along nicely. And why does he need to put out 3 pages a day anyways? He might have a job besides drawing megatokyo and he may be busy with that. You really couldn't say unless you knew the him personally and knew enough about him to make any judgement about his lack of pages per day.

I wouldn't call Megatokyo a manga and I don't even think he clasifies it as such. He has a unique way of drawing that doesn't quite fit under manga or even a marvel type comic.
... I think it is his only Job... and putting out three pages in a day is not what I;m asking for... He doesn't even put one out every three days consistantly. With the number of dead piro days and fillers its probably up one sheet to every 5 days on average.

This is my friend's website; check it out, this guy is something you can wow about.
I don't mind dead piro days that much. most times the stickfigures are very entertaining. the only time when its not good is when they are right at a cliff hanger, then I get a little mad.
I wuv Megatokyo ;) I gots tired of the dead piro days really quick and started skipping them.eh this reminds meh that I need to go read I haven't checked in a couple of weeks heh...
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