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meeting my pen pal


3 Feb 2003

This year my japanese pen pal is coming to visit me,
She comes from Tokyo.
Have you ever visited your pen pals? and how did it go?


nope , but then I've only been talking to my penpal for a little more than a year so it may be a while.
Not yet. Hopefully I will go to Japan next summer and meet her then. Time will tell.. ^_^
After she has visited you Jonas, please tell us how it went etc, k?
I'm going to meet a two-three month old penpal in about two weeks. He's coming to Hawaii to study English in UH, so we'll be in the same school.
Have a good time buddie, i havent but i will hopefully be going to Tokyo the end of next year ! woohoo, have a good time buddie
My pen pal came here (Canada) for a 4-week summer English study in the past summer ^^ so I met her..and all her friends, and when she left, I have 5 pen pals instead of one ^^ it was awesome!

now to go to Japan and visit the other 5 =/
I think one of my pen-pals really likes me...seeing as how he has asked multiple times if I will come to Japan to be his wife... But, I usually just ingnore his comments, partly because I don't think he's 100% serious, and also because I'm engaged. I have failed to bring that to his attention. We have been talking for over a year, and it just never really came up in conversation !...
Is it worth it to tell him now? After all this time? Because, I doubt I'll ever see him in person....
I'm just afraid that he'll be really mad about it, or hurt..... and yeah, I can't blame him I guess.
He could just be joking....*sigh* the things I get myself into.....
I had a japanese pen friend that came to london to see me, I ended up dating her mate that came with her! we never penned again... erp!
Well....... I can tell ya where I found my pen-pal...
If anybody wants to know... hey! It could be useful information!
I just went to this link.... and I started out getting about 25 different people from Japan writing me. After a few months they weeded out and now I have three really close ones...
But here...

japan-guide.com - Friendship
(it's kind of like posting an ad in the personals)
If ya want, check it out!

I met one of my pen friends, we had a whale of a time, im going back so now we just chat online whenever we see each other.
I hope to make a few pen pals from Japan, i plan on visiting one day, and it would be nice to know someone living there, to hopefully show me around.
I've only had my pen-friend for a short while, but like her alot already. I hope to meet her maybe next year or the year after. (Since we're both girls, I don't think, we'll become engaged, though ;))

@Zero-sen: Still, Im interested in how you work it out? Isn't the long distance a problem (I once had a boyfriend who lived (only)about 600km away, and even that was a trial)
I have 2 penpals. I doubt I'll meet either. They are both great though... one of them, she is from Tokyo and the other one lives in a small town, I forgot the name.

Hear about the frontman of Weezer, Rivers Cuombo? He had a Japanese penpal and he thought they had something going but then he found out she was a lesbian. LOL. Check out their album, Pinkerton, it chronicles the whole story.
I'm hoping to meet my penpals. They are both great people and going clubbing with them would rock.
It would be better to meet a penpal with no regrets if its the first meeting and if its more than that,i should say that its a fate that both of u hav met
My Japanese pen pal submitted a "Dear Abby" to this Japanese website. Here is the translation:


I became penpals with this American guy, but he said a sexual thing to me, so I started feeling offended. Then I started to hate him and stopped emailing and exchanging postal mails. I cut off every connection he ever could make to stay far away from him.

But recently, I found a website in which a lot of people were talking about this guy. There was a homepage(which I didn't know). His pics and people say everyone should be careful about this guy (Josh). that site was in English so that I couldn't understand much, but there are girls pics and purikura. (the girls don't know that their pics r up there, I bet) I'm so worried! Tak, please help!

Oh, and I realized that I sent pics to him...so, I don't talk to him now, but my face may be up to his homepage! If he is Japanese American, that's terrible because he knows my address! I worried a lot. I'm so glad I didn't meet this guy in person. Should I tell him that I don't want to write to him anymore? what should I do?"


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