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Meeting in Tokyo


17 Jul 2002
Several members of this forum seems to be living in Japan, specially in the Tokyo area. I thought it would be a good idea if we could arrange a dinner all together (well, 5 to 15 people maybe) or even meet one to one, in order to have create deeper relationships between us, which can only improve the atmosphere and friendliness on the board. ;)

I'd like to know who is interested at first, then we can arrange where and when to meet. If anyone is planning a trip to Japan in a near future, they are welcome too. 🙂

May I ask the people interested in which region of Japan they live.

As for myself, I live in Central-East Tokyo.

That's a very nice idea, Maciamo. Don't forget to take pics for members living outside Japan.


PS: Perhaps we should arrange something similar for our European members.
Oh yeah! How about a nice long weekend in Paris? That's pretty central for the Western European members. 👏

I do plan to visit Italy this summer. I could stop over in Vienna. :)
Just tell me when you come, you can stay at my appartment. :)

Paris... ah, memories.... that's where I met my wife for the first time, lol.
@thomas, Really???? you met your wife in "Paris", wow!!! I must tell you that has come as quite a shock!! Tell us all more!! With your wife's permission of course!, (can't upset the missis") there is nothing worse than a woman's scorn!!! hahaha
@ Maciamo, wish I lived closer to Japan 🙂 🙂
Yeah well, we have enough members in the US as well. There could be JRef meetings in every continent, i think. ;)

Would be cool if they were all held on the same day though.

Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know about our plans when the time comes.
hmph, just returned from J-land last month....no, two months ago....damn time flies fast.....anyway, you wouldn't have liked to meet up with me then....had the flu.... :(

ah, life is grand isn't it? :D

I live near the mushroom forest on the west coast in the US.....and work in the mushroom forest....ain't that grand...? :D

well, time to get back to tending mushrooms again.. :p
Originally posted by deborah gormley
@Thomas,, Really???? you met your wife in "paris",,, wow!!! I must tell you that has come as quite a shock!! tell us all more!! with your wifes permission of course!, (cant up-set the missis") there is nothing worse than a womans scorn!!!

Welp, Paris, the city of love and romance... that's all I can say without facing the most serious consequences.

I am new to this forum, but I like the idea of a meeting in Tokyo in order for us to have a nice chat over dinner or a cup of coffee. I've been to Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya several years ago and I'm planning to visit Japan in the near future. I hope we can meet in Tokyo.
Hi Franxis,welcome aboard! 🙂

@ Maciamo: are there any news on the meeting?
So far, no one seems to be living in Tokyo apart from me. Most of the active members on the forum are from abroad and the few living in Japan don't show up so often.

Anyone interested, just send me a PM or email.
i would totally be there

I would for sure be there if I was in Japan right now.. I don't plan to move there till after summer 2004.... and I will visit this July if anyone wants to meet up!!

Joshua Dearing
Well, meeting someone in a place like Paris is indeed romantic. I wonder how it's like to meet that special someone in Japan? Can it be as romantic as in Paris?
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