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Meaning of Kaido


31 Oct 2015
Hi everyone, I'm curious to know the meaning of the name Kaido. I read One Piece manga and there is a character named Kaido.
Some people say it means a courageous leader, is this true?
His name is spelled in katakana in the manga (カイドウ), which is a purely phonetic script. As such it does not have any meaning.
If you want to search by pronunciation on Jisho, it's better to use hiragana: かいどう - Jisho.org
This turns up 7 different words that happen to be pronounced in the same way as this character's name. I doubt he's related to any of them :)
The author may have a meaning intended (but not yet revealed) of course, but that doesn't have to align with any particular dictionary word with the same reading.
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