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mcdees tofu burger

"Among the first four items to be introduced will be a tofu hamburger with ginger-flavored soy sauce, to be priced at 230 yen..."

Hmm... doesn't sound that bad and it's certainly cheap. Who knows, might strike a chord with those healthy-conscious people although when I think nutrition, McDonald's certainly isn't the first word that comes to mind... 8-p
Mcdonalds is bad, bad, bad!!!

Id totally rather put needles in my eyes than eating anything from there.
eimik said:
Mcdonalds is bad, bad, bad!!!

Id totally rather put needles in my eyes than eating anything from there.
I dislike Mcdonalds for simple reasons;

1) They skip on the tomatoe slice for fear of sogginess.
2) They skip on the tomato sauce for fear of sogginess.
3) The big macs are soooo small; I violently dislike verbal misrepresentation.
4) They don't have tacos as they used to way back; at least not here in Korea or China.
5) If I complain about any of these things; Macstaff try to prove me wrong.
6) They promote animal meat comsumption which is bad for the global environment; although I still enjoy an occasional Hamburger steak sandwich. Were it not for Macdonalds; beef consumption might not be this high; making more grains available for human consumption, not to mention all the farm refuse that needs to be treated.
7) They have, though unwittingly, contributed to the spread of v-CJD aka Mad Cow Disease in the human population.
8) Macfranchises drains dollars from outof countries into the US. Unbalanced wealth is not always good for a healthy, balanced global economy, adding to the instability and creating indirect tension.
and silly me always thought that it was just the super sizing mind-ology brainwashing that was what was bad with McDees...never knew they didn't put in tomatoes for that reason... :D
might strike a chord with those healthy-conscious people

I'll bet my house it still has at least 15 grams of fat and is 500-600 calories for just the burger. They came out w/ a salad after the big "Super Size" me fiasco, which had more fat and calories than a cheeseburger. o_O
*Doc looks at Lexico's post*

Doc: "So meat is bad for the global community huh?"

Lexico: "Yes."

Doc: "And how is that?"

Lexico: "It causes a high rate of cow flatulence in the ozone, the clearing of land for the raising of cattle, less grains for humans to eat, extensive farm refuse, the spread of mad cow disease, and an unbalanced global economy."

Doc: "So what should a person do?"

Lexico: "Not eat meat. That's how you can save the environment, and the global economy. Speaking of which, what do you do to save the environment?"

Doc: "I'm eating a cow."

*Lexico glares at Doc*

Doc: "But I'm only one man!"

Doc :D
Hahaha... good to see you back, Doc !
Back from vacationing ?
Anyway I'll be back to post proper response. ;-)
Vacation? You mean my 8 weeks in Hell? :D

Back on topic: McDonald's sucks regards of a new tofu burger. :p

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