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Mc Donalds Commercials and other weird... stuff..


13 Aug 2003
Okay, out of curiosity I downloaded Sailor Moon Live Action episode 01... Well i'm not sure if they did the translation right, but I was nearly gonna cry laughing... sorry -.- anyway here are the commercials that were on the avi,

1) Okay it shows that Usagi, holding a really small moon on a stick, saying, "If you buy our stuff, it will make you transform into a guardian", then right after it says "Sucessful Transformation not guaranteed", i wonder how well that product sold....

2)We see hello kitty dancing around and on the text it keeps saying or chanting i'm not sure "Evil kitty evil kitty" then it says something about "Mind Control Candy" I was seriously dumbfounded. I want some, someone send me a balikbayan box (thats a box that my dad used to goto the philipines like 2 days ago) full of that candy! I needa give some to my teacher so I can get those ohh so wonderful grades!

3)Same as Commercial 1, with the plastic moon on a stick...

4)Now this is the one that made me nearly cry... laughing hard, I was on the verge of collapsing I swear, the second I was done watching this , I took a second and well you know... anyway here it goes

It's supposed to be a Mc Donalds Commercial. It shows some kids playing jump-rope and it shows some girl with an evil eye or something and then Ronald Mc Donald pops outta no where, kinda intresting to see our Japanese counter-part 👏 anyway, I guess she had that look in her eye because she was sad that she had no partner to play jump rope with while the other two kids are swinging the rope... so Ronald Mc Donald is her partner yay! By the way this girl is about 5-7 years of age by my guess... anyway the girl has fun and eventually the rope touches her and her turn with Ronald is over. Ronald disappears and the subtitles I'm reading at the bottom say the EXACT words. I tell no lie...

"I'll always be watching you... especially when your in the bathroom."

I'm not sure if thats promoting some sick kind of child.. ugh I don't even wanna begin, or Mc Donald's is trying to make the viewers believe that eating Mc Donalds will magically potty train your child. Anyway I just had to share this, if im wrong please correct me as false information is bad... i guess :)

arigato gozaimasu!

It does sound rather odd though, maybe a misunderstanding? oh well until I learn japanese, i'll never know :(
thats got to be the weirdest commercial i have ever heard of its got to be a parody or a misunderstanding, otherwise, the people at McDonalds have been experimenting.....
I cant stop laughing it's too funny cuz my friend swears there are camaras in bathrooms at those kind of fastfood places. Oh nikki I'm right behind you always watching you except when your in the bathroom. (sorry couldnt help it)
I have nothing to worry about seeing that i'm a guy and all... unless... the Japanese government and Ronald Mc Donald got it out for me... *runs screaming*
Originally posted by neptunemoon
I cant stop laughing it's too funny cuz my friend swears there are camaras in bathrooms at those kind of fastfood places. Oh nikki I'm right behind you always watching you except when your in the bathroom. (sorry couldnt help it)

*turns her head around to see who's following her* oh my god! Ahhhhhhhhhh! *runs away screaming balistically*
Orignal Zelda commercial!

I found the the original Japanese Zelda commercial for Nintendo...
It's at www.stupidvideos.com just open the little menu and find the video that has "zelda" somewhere in the title. It's so cute!!
thats kind of... hypnotic.. @_@ must... finish... collecting... triforce pieces... for... wind... waker... and wear green tights..
LOL that zelda vid makes no sense at all, soo funny :D that song playing the background sure is catchy tho :p
Hah! Onigir-chan, your filled with energy aren't you? lol i ono what i'm basing this on but w/e lol kekek BUMP!
hah, i bet! i wish i had that, im always sleeping for more than 15 hours a day -.- and im still exhausted... god dont let it be fatigue, whats funny is im in good shape too.. i think lol
lol! I don't get much sleep and i'm always rushing around doing everything at once, so I normally run on pure adrenaline!!! (and candy bars, but that's still similar) I used to be a total cat about it all and just sleep sleep sleep. But apparently life isn't going to have that anymore so now i'm everywhere -.-
Anywho, i've heard that if you over sleep then you're still tired when you wake up! (same thing if you undersleep, ya' know?)
Were can i download thease commercials? I want to see them! On the subject of japanese commercials, you know that mario commercial, the one they play here in the states, is that the orignal commercial I wonder? I love the music in the background, does anyone know the song?
I always loved japanese commercials more because i always thought they would be related with us more in games and anime. i remember of of the coca-cola comm. was produce and carried by Final Fantasy 06 cast. I thought it was nice.
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