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MBA with MEXT Scholarship?


14 May 2019
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Hi! Nice to meet you everyone.
I'm Daniel and I'm seriously considering to apply for the Embassy MEXT Scholarship the next year. I am Electrical engineering with background on Electric markets. Working I have realized that an MBA it would be perfect for my career. Also I have some interesting ideas as possible research proposals.

The thing is, I am very confused about the possibility of apply for a MBA with the MEXT scholarship. The information about the scholarship is not really clear enough on that and lastly, in previous threads of the forum, I have read lots of different opinions. Some people says:
- that is not possible to apply directly as a MBA, but as research student and then change.
- that with MEXT scholarship is impossible to do a MBA.

However, in the forum I read some comments that give me the impression they have been able to obtain the scholarship directly as MBA. (I really tried to contact with those people, but I've not had any answer, they shouldn't be active anymore :()

Could someone clarify this? Thank you in advance!
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