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Question May we know your difficulties with telecommunication service in Japan?


21 Aug 2021
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Hi there
My friend is working in a telecommunication company and wanna do something to help foreigners living in Japan
He wanna knows more about what kind of difficulties the foreigners are facing about telecommunication service (Mobile or SIM or internet)
May we ask you to answer a very short survey (Just 3 questions)?

Of course I am also happy if we can discuss this here as well !;)
but please also answer the survey so we can analyse more!
The solution may not happen in the near future, but we hope to make foreigners' life in Japan better gradually.
Thank you for your help in advance! :)

Please click here to answer the survey!
Mobile Service Survey


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14 Mar 2002
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What grinds many people’s gears, not necessarily foreigners, quick answer:
  • mobile service providers milking their customers in cartel-like collusion (I know that the government has already addressed the issue of overcharging)
  • hurdles galore for those who want to purchase and use unlocked devices
There was recent news on those issues:

Another issue: signing up for a mobile service, switching to another device, etc., is tremendously bureaucratic and time-consuming.

And welcome to the forum, @harusck! :)
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