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8 Apr 2004
Would you check my sentences with "may" or "must"?
1) I must return this book to the library by Saturday. (return = 返す by~ = ~までに)
2) That man must be rich. He is driving a Porsche. (Porsche = ポルシェ)
3) May I open the window? Yes, you may.
4) It may rain this afternoon. (this afternoon = 今日の午後)
5) You must come back home before it gets dark. (get dark = 暗くなる before~=~する前に)
6) I may go to the UK next month.
7) I must finish this work by Thursday.
8) Tom may come here tomorrow morning.
9) May I use this pen? Yes, you may.
10) That woman must be Japanese. She is speaking Japanese fluently.
11) My uncle may go to Germany next week.
12) You must leave this country by Wednesday.
13) That man must be Tom's father.
14) He didn't eat/have breakfast. He must be hungry.

Thanks in advance.
Oh, really? I'm glad to hear that. Thanks, Majestic.
One more question. Would this sentence also sound right?
I must read this book by this weekend.
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