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May 2: hide memorial day


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
It's been 4 years since hide died. Still his legacy lives forever.

This month there will be some new releases of this former X-Japan guitarist.

On may 16 a compilation cd "hide LEMONed Compilation - Cafe Le PSYENCE" will be released with songs from Dopeheadz (Pata, Heath & I.N.A), Shame and Transtic Nerve amongs others.

A week later you can pick up "Psy-Clone - hide electronic remixes" which apparently contains Trance-remixes of classic hide tracks.

Hide and the spread Beaver ;) gee ... I wonder how many Japanese actually understood the English meaning :D

I miss the X-Japan concerts all the fans used to dress up "Rocky Horror Picture" style to go :(

Also, on the charity side. Hide visited a young girl with leukemia ??? and gave her his guitar and back stage passes months before he commited suicide. I've never heard of any other Japanese "artist, actor, actress" do such a thing yet ... :(

hmmm ... who was it ... Yoshi? from X-Japan that got himself tied up with some freaky mind bending "new-Religion" ?

ahhh well ... pink spider was a pretty decent song.
hmmm ... who was it ... Yoshi? from X-Japan that got himself tied up with some freaky mind-bending "new-Religion"?

That was Toshi, the vocalist of the band. Yeah, he joined some cult. I suppose that's what you get when you have all the money in the world and don't know what to do with it.
He still performs, though. Here is his official website: Toshi Official Site〜癒しのコンサート〜
Spell hide with a lower case "h" he probably would have bitten your head off! XD lol yes me and my friends are going to ditch school that day and just watch all my x japan concert dvds, and we made a little hide/x cover band we are going to perform all his songs. isnt it 3 years? he left us in 2002.. anyways, I miss you, hide
ya, im doing a look with the kind of sunglasses he always wears T_T they are so pretty....hide is so pretty...and good...
X-Japan has always been one of my favorite bands. I remember watching the television coverage at the time of his death. A shame they couldn't stay together to make more music.
There's a clip with Hide as he performs 'Light my fire' (Doors cover)... it's unplugged live and he sings in english, and it's really special and nice. Has anyone seen it, and does anyone have it? I really want it soo bad!
I'm crying right now.... :(
I have to study that day... I'm planning to listen to x-japan while doing it.
does anyone know for sure when he died(the year)? I'm really confised now....
Still looking. It's hard to find videos for him... :(
Have you seen the Rocket Dive pv... his knee-popping dance is so cute... he is so greatly missed.

It was 1998, Pjusk.
hide released a LOT of video LD's, which were later converted to DVD. Concerts, pvs. Try picking up "Ugly Pink Machine" V. I & II. It might be "Big Ugly Pink Machine", I don't remember.

he died when i was 8... O.O wow

i like Dice a lot... hmm i only have a few of his songs... anyone recomend any?
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