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Matsuya, Sukiya, Yoshinoya?

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Which is best?

  • Matsuya

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Sukiya

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Yoshinoya

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • What the hell?!

    Votes: 12 50.0%

  • Total voters
You don't know? These are places that are open 24hrs and they are quite cheap, they sell gyudon (beef + rice). You have Yoshinoya in the US. I know there is a shop in NYC and there are loads of them around CA. www.yoshinoyausa.com

I guess the US shops aren't guite the Japanese thing. Anyone been to both, in Japan and US?
Originally posted by Namashibori
Anyone been to both, in Japan and US?

I have.

I'm in the States for now, and I eat at Yoshinoya's for lunch 2 or 3 times per week. The beefbowls taste the same at both places, but the American Yoshinoya stores sell Americanized Japanese food, or American-bourne 'Japanese' dishes (For example; "California rolls").

My favorite fast food place in Tokyo has got to be "POT&POT". It is owned by the same company as Yoshinoya, but there are no POT&POT locations in the US.
I don't eat beef anymore since the mad cow disease. Well, I took the habit in Europe, then I ate beef when I arrive in Japan, but BSE cases have been found right after I arrived, so I stopped again. I have only tried Matsuya in my first BSE care-free month in Japan.
I've tried Yoshinoya both in LA and in Sapporo. Back when, the LA shop was blantantly horrible. I through it away actually and ended up eating at Burger King. Maybe, it was just bad luck ????

Yoshinoya isn't that bad for the price in Japan. I eat there about 4-5 times a year.

Sapporo doesn't have the other shops mentioned above. urghhhh
Mosburger, my wife's favourite chain


Yeah, it's very nice. The burgers are tiny thought! Don't you think?! And at some Mosburger stores they take ages to cook your order!
Lotteria wins on being short on food vaule expectations.

The small servings at Mos Burger are geared towards the Japanese gullet size. If they made the servings bigger most Japanese would leave un-eaten protions on their tray.

Mos Burger is very tastey and comes in second to a chain up here called Freshness who also cooks to order. Yeah, but you're right Mos Burger orders can take as much time as a regular resturant would. I guess Mos Burger is not really fast food but rather slow food. Least not forget, very expensive.

Mos Burger = 210 yen
McDonalds = 59 yen

Mos Burger is not really willing to get in a price war and have decided they'll sell their fresh and natural ingredients instead.

egrish ... Mos = moss :D
Mos Burger

I agree that Mos Burger is one of the very best fast-food restaurants from Japan to take root in the USA. In Waikiki, Hawaii, on Kalakaua Ave., I first came in contact with Japanese Burgers. And the fries were also incredibly awesome (when hot). I never saw a Mos Burger while in Japan, but saw many McDonald's on street corners and at train stations. Mos Burger has a sort of chili that they put on their burgers that is like a "special sauce" from O-Jodo (the Pure Land; aka. heaven). If you ever have the chance to try a Mos Burger burger, then don't pass it up, my friends. The Japanese take all of what is good from the West and make it their own... sometimes it comes out looking great, but has no flavor, yet other times you get a Mos Burger which will ruin you for anything else but a good old fashioned home-grilled burger.
Mos Burger patties are a meatloaf type rather than just regular patty meat.
Also, they're cooked on the spot.
Yoshinoya every time for me. I eat there at least 4 days a week. It's fast, it's cheap and you can't beat a big steaming Gyudon on a cold night to warm you up. Mos Burger would come a close second though.

If you're a little squeamish though, you might not want to know what type of beef Yoshinoya serves. It's actually made from the diaphragm of the cow.

although bear in mind that Yakiniku is actually Korean (despite its popularity in Japan)
However... I am not sure I could stomach horomon any other way!

You gotta burn it baby... burn it!

Yoshinoya Prepares for Revival of Popular Beef Dish

Yoshinoya has been anticipating that Japan will soon lift the reinstated import ban, given that the risky parts came to Japan due to a simple error.

I find this thread interesting... Anyone who has been to Japan will probably know about these places, so it is a bit of a test of sorts for the posters here. 55% about simply have no idea what this even is... I guess you could see that as a good thing or a bad thing.

I picked Yoshinoya myself. Matsuya and Yoshinoya were kind of neck and neck for me though.
Yoshinoya is my preference as well. I like them in the U.S. and they are convenient and cheap in Japan.
The only one I know of in NYC is Yoshinoya, and it closed down. To be honest, it was a poor excuse for a Japanese Don shop. Well a lot of people probably agreed with me because it closed down a few months later.

I used to like Dosanko's, but that doesn't exist here anymore either!

I'm sure Cali has better 24 hour Japanese shops since a lot of Japanese people live out there.

If you live in the NYC area, or come to visit, go down to St. Marks Place between 3rd Ave & 1st Ave (this is a little strip in NYC sometimes referred to as Japan-Town). They have some good ramen shops, and soba shops. I heard Sobaya is one of the best places to go down there. And they should be open quite late since Greenwich is a party area/where lots of young kids/college kids hang out. When I say young, I mean like 18+
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