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Help Master's (grad school) plan in Japanese Universities (Mech Engineering)

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18 Jul 2017
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Hi there, I am an undergrad student. My 5th semester will start around 20 august. I have 2.5 years to pass N3 exam from scratch. I will graduate in 2021. After that I want to enroll in Grad school for mech engineering in good accredited university in Japan. People have suggested me to join Japanese Language school in Japan first (for 1 or 2 years) before enrolling in grad school. So I want to know which lang school is good for preparation of Japanese language and also for entrance exam preparation for masters program in Japan. Since I have started studying Japanese now for 2 to 3 hours everyday. I basically have 3.5 to 4 years to pass N1 exam from scratch and be fluent enough to survive in grad school in Japan. I want to enroll in great universities like Tokyo Uni or Kyoto Uni or maybe Osaka Uni. But some people have told me it will be hard considering I am an international student and my undergrad school is not the best one in my country. It is of course accredited and approved one. So I am in safe hands so far. So I just need some help here to make a plan for studying in Japan and working there and settling there because I love that country. And I am a non theistic Buddhist(Hindu) anyways so I have no problem with eating non vegan food and easily adjusting. Any help will be appreciated.

Tl:dr- Want to study in grad school in Japan (full japanese course for 2 years mech engineering), I have started learning Japanese and am into lesson 3 of Genki. I have 2 years until my undergrad is completed. I will keep studying Japanese in the mean time and also will enroll in Japan language school for passing N1 and then enroll in master's program. But I need help to find which Japanese language school is great in Japan and which will help me in entrance exam for masters too.
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