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Marubeni to sell PCs at 90% off due to online pricing blunder

That's ridiculous.... I mean anyone with any sort of common sense would realise that was a typo.

I could see people expecting them to honor the price if the mistake was something like 189,000 instead of 198,000. They're losing over $1Million over this, maybe they're hoping to make it up somehow in good PR? I guess I just don't understand Japanese people/companies...
all the time in america, too. this week, Office Depot was selling Canon a80 for -$200, because they sold out of the Nikon 4300 that was $190 after rebates.
much, much thanks for the link!
also please share the link of the bbses that posted the deal :D for future browsing [heh heh heh] *eyebrows getting pointy*
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