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Martial Arts - touch mastery


6 Oct 2002
Hello. I have question for story purposes about the Japanese martial arts. I'm writing a story, and one of my characters, a modern day female "ninja" has also learned a type of martial art that specializes in mastery of touching the vital points of the human body, and as such capable of manipulating nerves, attacking pressure points, and knowledge of human anatomy in general.

Now I know such types of techniques can be found in the ninjutsu-jiujutsu-aikido family of martial arts, but none of those seems to have a specialized science of attack, (well except aikido, but that would be too defensive for an assassin). Perhaps a variant of jiujutsu (of which there are many, from my understanding) would work?

Perhaps I'm thinking something of the Chinese Tien-Hsueh, which I don't believe is a martial art in and of itself rather a set of techniques in other arts?

I would only incorporate this because this character has a doctor's knowledge of the human body and often uses vital point "touch" attacks, which I don't think is a part of "straight" ninjutsu. And I am almost totally certain some Japanese system exists that would satisfy this requirement.

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