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Martial Arts in Japan


30 Dec 2003
when studying a martial art in japan
what kind of time scale is it?
early mornings, evenings? is there a standard or different classes & times to take?
also is there a lot to choose from...
i'm in interested in going there to learn some aikido but any authentic martial artwill be sufficient any advice?
All depends on the Sensei and what kind of hours they keep. When I was still studying Kendo in Japan, my principal Sensei would hold instruction in the early evenings (from 7-9 usually). This would be for both beginners through intermediate levels. Usually around 8:30 or so, the intermediate students would be finishing up and that's when the adults would start to warm up for sparring practice (Shodan through Godan).

This was an ideal arrangement really because the kids could get their lessons in after school and before they went to bed while the adults (many of whom worked long hours) could then find the time to focus on their art. We had our own dedicated Dojo of course and afterwards it was not uncommon for many (if not all of us) to go down to one of the local Izakayas at least once a week for some food and drink. I suspect most well-established Dojos follow a similar approach in offering lessons later in the evening (Karate, Aikido, Judo, Kyudo, etc.).
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