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Martial Arts Booboo


Danshaku Sadako
30 Dec 2003
I am currently studying Mixed Martial Arts :box: and yes it is about discipline but it can have moments where you can't help but laugh. :giggle:

In one session, there was new student whom Jay-sensei was trying to teach a technique. The technique involved the application of pressure somewhere in the thighs. When Jay-sensei applied the pressure, suddenly this new student farted! At first, we didn't took notice of it (hey we didn't want the new guy to be embarrased) but then when Jay-sensei applied the technique again we really couldn't help but burst out laughing as the room was filled with that unmistakable sound and not so nice odor so that as the new guy was turning beet red he also couldn't help but laugh at himself. :D
Almighty flatulence!

Apparently he doesn't scare the majority. In fact he was present at yesterday's practice. We were lucky he didn't have the dreaded: Attack of the Killer Flatulence :D
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