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Mario vs. Sonic...

Holy s--t! lol! Ha-ha-ha! That was the bomb! I'd definitely root for Sonic over Mario, simply because Sonic has the better agility over Mario.
That was pretty funny. Sonic is cooler, but I'd have to go with Mario with the longer history and his many suits and abilities.
WOW!!!soo cute desu!i would love to c sonic turning into supersonic rather than the dark robot and mario getting the superstar!:D:D
Yeah, if Mario went all "Super-Saiyan" I'd root for him. But alas...



that video was great! :D

but its gotta be sonic! its all in the eyes. i think when sonic's mad he's bad-*** but mario is a bit of a wuss when it comes down to it

but in terms of computer games, i prefer the mario games
I have been scarred for life. I knew I shouldn't have gone back and made Sonic win just to see what happens. I am now traumatized for life... :( :eek:
Well, I guess it's just because Mario has a lot of sentimental value as far as I'm concerned. I love the little guy... :(
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