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Marble Soda????


3 Jan 2004
Could someone explain marble soda to me. It is what it was called when I bought it, though it might not be the right translation for the japanese words. Well anyways, It is that soda where you pop a marble down and in my case, the soda sprayed me in the face. The bottle I had had what looked to be eyes and the plastic around it had a whale on it (is this the companies mascot or something). Well, anyways, why is the marble there, does it have some sort of meaning? And did anyone else find it annoying that the marble plugged up the top when you tilted it back to drink the stuff near the bottom lol? Well if someone could explain this, this strange soda puzzled me.
Thank you
I was given that as a gift once and found it quite amusing! I never had it spay me...but a friend had it pretty much explode all over her face. (her fault for trying to open it while driving a car)
My trick to keeping the marble away from the opening is just letting it rest on the two little ridges by the top... you know... the indents made for keeping the marble in place...
Even in doing this...you must be careful, cause it doesn't hold it too well.

That Damn Marble!
And don't forget in the bars...

Tiger Piss
Cow Piss
and the wiskey with the dead snake and tons of crap floating around
liquish flavored absinthe
(30 years ago)


Yes it was Ramune soda! Thank you! but do any of you know where this came from? Is it just something the japanese said "Hey! This would be cool!" or does it have some meaning to it?
meaning? I always thought it was just a really cool bottling technique; no wasted caps... as mentioned, there are two indents on the bottle near the mouth that will hold the marble in place when you tilt it (with them facing down). This design also prevents you from drinking the soda too quickly, which may or may not be a good thing.

I see you are in the States... If you feel a hankering for the strange soda again, you will most likely find them in your local asian market. $1-2 is the common price around here.
I have never been able to open Ramune without having it go everywhere...
I love this Soda, the first time I ever had it was when I was in Little Tokyo back in March. I've never had a problem with the marble covering the hole or it spraying on me. Although my main problem was how to knock the damn marble down because I wasn't hitting it hard enough :eek:
Its called ramune and the first couple of times you open it it DOES give you a problem but afterwords you get quite good at it. The way the botles designed it has a special little dip in it to catch the marble when your drinking so that it dosent keep clogging the opening. I love ramune and was so excited to find that it came in more than one flavor (although I like classic the best ;) ) I suppose from a western point of view it would be quite annoying but I just think that its so much fun and I cant help but get one from the vending machines when I pass by ... er ... unless the vending machine happens to have sweet melon cream soda .. but thats another story :)
well seeing as how none of them actually taste like what theyre supposed to I just efer to them by color

such as original (wich is clear) and then there's :

& hello kitty
Hide my heart, it's funny how you call them by color, some times when i reach for something to drink in my fridge i judge what i want by it's color, so i guess i'd think of ramune like you do.
Hiroyuki Nagashima said:

A name called Ramune is the Japanese English the lemonade brought about from Britain spoke with a provincial accent.
Very interesting, Hiroyuki. Although it's not very much like lemonade, it's interesting to know the origin of the word
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