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Maps of Japan?


Go to Japan.
6 Apr 2004
Can anyone show me any maps of Japan, mainly the Kichijoji - Kyota area? I need to know what is where so I can go sightseeing.
And are the train systems foreigner freindly?
I go to a specialty map store in my home town to get my maps. Or go to "maps.com". Maps of Kyoto should be easy to find. Be sure to get your maps before going to Japan - they may be hard to find once you get there.

Yes, most Japanese trains are foreigner-friendly. In Tokyo and on Shinkansen, they often make announcements in Japanese and English (but not so much in rural areas).
Yea thats the one. I will be there for 2 weeks. Is Kichijoji a nice place?
Hopefully I wil be able to figure the trains out, if I can use the English trains, I can use anything.Is Kichijoji far away from Kyoto?
If it is the Kichijoji in Tokyo its a nice place and alot closer to Tokyo than Kyoto (4 hours by shinkansen? I dont remember, slept the whole way there and back twice).

Lol, for sure, if you can figure out the british transport system japan is a breeze.
Thanks Ewok. Im allowed a day off work, so ill go into Tokyo in the week, might not be as busy.
Is it just one train? No changes or anything?
Topi, when are you going to Kyoto? .. :)
And if you find some good maps, could you pm about those to me..?

(til i find something better)



(but I still haven't found it)

Also I noticed last time -- it seems to be Kichijoji?



Not to be funny, but in my limited experience, Japanese landmarks/locations have to be pronounced exactly right, otherwise quizzical looks (and no answers) will ensue...

Sincerely hopes that this offends no one, merely an observation hard-learned through trial and extreme error
I requested maps of Japan a while ago

Check that thread out

I got given these

You could go to any train station, JR or private railway, anywhere in Japan, the station names are also written in Romaji so that foreignors could at least read the sign and know where they are.
Thanks guys.
Budd, im confused about the spelling of Kichijoji. Ive seen Kichijoji, Kichiyozi and Kichiyouzi. I think my freind in Japan spelt it 'Kichiyouzi' though, he probably knows best.
Chipi, im not sure about goign to Kyoto now, I may aswell go to Tokyo instead. Unless there is somewhere more interesting for be in Kyota....
Speaking of that, has anyone got a list of SuperAutobacs/Crystal/Yellow hats addresses, in Romaji?
topi said:
Thanks guys.
Budd, im confused about the spelling of Kichijoji. Ive seen Kichijoji, Kichiyozi and Kichiyouzi. I think my freind in Japan spelt it 'Kichiyouzi' though, he probably knows best.
There are two popular romanization schemes being used today:
1. Kunreishiki romaji
This romanizes the kana regardless of their phnetic equivalence. It was introduced 1937 by the government.
2. Hebonshiki romaji
This was introduced in 1885 by a commission of Japanese and foreign scholars. It was then used by Hepburn (japanese: Hebon) in his dictionary and thus became quickly popular. It takes regard of the phonetic pecularities.

These two systems differ in the romanization of a few kana. These are:
Kunrei: si, zi, ti, tu, hu
Hepburn: shi, ji, chi, tsu, fu

Thus, the romanizaton differs if you use the widespread Hepburn system or the more rare Kunrei system. Normally, the Hepburn system is used throughout Japan, since the Kunrei system entices mispronunciation by foreigners.

For the spelling of Kichijoji, there are two possibilities:
Hepburn: Kichijoji
Kunrei: Kitizozi

Other example: Fuji
Hepburn: Fuji
Kunrei: Huzi

Mixed forms of the two system are not allowed.
I happened upon this online map system a couple of
years ago. It's really good.
If you can read Japanese.

If you know some kanji, directions,
ward, station, and the cities and neighbourhood
you are going to, you might be able to struggle
through this site. That's how I did it.

I also used an area I was too before for
a sort of trial run.

Im afraid I cant read Japanese. I can only speak a very limited amount, but im trying to learn.
You can find all the info about maps and trains in JREF practical:

I just realised that my post made no sense! romaji is an approximation regardless
sorry about that, was fussing because it took me thirty minutes to find out what google wanted
again sorry, now where's that edit button
oh well, lessons learned
yeah, mapion is tight
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