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Mangadera (Jorakuji) in Kawasaki


9 May 2003
Konnichiwa, Mina-san!
I am not sure where to post this question, maybe I should post it also to Manga/Anime section, too?
I am reading a F. L. Schodt old book "Manga! Manga!", and I just have learned about a temple devoted to comic art. It is called Jorakuji (Joorakuji, with a long "o", I don't know how to type it...), in Kawasaki City.
Anyone has been there? Is it still there? Is manga still there? Do you have any photos, maybe? And how can I get there from Tokyo (when I am there this summer), and how can I find it in Kawasaki?
Thanks in advance for your help!
Ja mata ne! Irena
Konnichiwa Irena-san!

Ummm... That's a mystery. Because Manga-dera is a very little known place. I think that most of all Otaku in Japan don't know this temple, but you know...:eek:

Ok, I talk about Manga-dera now.
Formal name of Manga-dera is the Jourakuji. This temple is a Buddhist temple. The last chief priest but one was a Manga fan, and he was on friendly terms with some Manga-ka(Manga artist). He got a lot of illustration from his friend Manga-ka and he decorated a temple with illustrations. But he was numbered among the dead. There is a new chief priest and you can see the temple. But don't forget an appointment.

Access route
Kawasaki is the nearby city from Tokyo. It is about 40 minutes from Tokyo to Musashinakahara by the train.

From Tokyo, you take a train to Kawasaki by JR train(Toukaidou Honsen line). And you change trains in Kawasaki for Musashinakahara(JR Nanbu line).

It is 450 yen from Tokyo to Musashinakahara by JR.

You shoud go to Manga-dera on foot from Musashinakahara station. But it is not so far, about 800 meters from station.

Kawasaki City Nakahara Ward Miyauchi 4ツ−12ツ−14


An admission fee is free but need to an appointment.

I found interesting site about Manga-dera, but this site is Japanese only. Sorry.:sorry:


😄 :) 🙂
Konnichiwa Nangi-san!
Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Also, thank you very much for the link, I can see the pictures, and I will ask a friend to translate this page to me.

Well, I guess manga fans in Japan just read (or draw) manga, instead of reading books ABOUT manga, as I do (^-^) I am not a manga fan (or am I?.. a beginner, probably). I am a social scientist, lol)

Bye! Irena
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