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13 Aug 2003
Does anyone know a dark-postapocalyptic one? You know, one that's not too cute and stuff, more serious etc... do smth like that exist? I know nearly nothing about that topic 😊
Thx for any reply 🙂
If you know a manga like that, please let me know!!! I'm seeking something as well 👍
I guess CLAMP's X/1999, but that's more pre-apocalyptic than post.

But definitely Battle Angel - Gunnm should fulfill your post-apocalyptic tastes.
I generally don't appreciate clamp's work, but that's only my taste.

And yes, I'm sure there are a number of post-apocalyptic ones out there.

My personal fav. (and the main character is proudly my avatar) is Angel Sanctuary. The manga, mind you, not the anime.

I don't know if it qualifies as post-apocalyptic, though, but christian symbolisms are rampant. I believe time is frozen at the point of a near-apocolyptic event, so if you wanted to be technical.... The series is also more a gothic/dark sci-fi/dark fantasy/epic blend, so if you're looking for robots, try out battle angel.

There are layers of plot in this series, as the series is generally very character-driven. The artwork is gorgeous, as well. I tend to read AS as a very drawn out epic, not a series.

It's in japanese, by the way. Forbidden taboos, too, just to warn you, such as incest. For very mature (and not simply in the age-sense) audiences.

Good luck on your manga search.
What about Akira? I mean the Manga, not the Anime.
It's kind of dark, totally post-apocalyptic, serious and not cute at all. Besides that, it's hell of a lot to read.

p.s.: Or do you mean worldwide-post-apocalyptic?
Definitly Angel Sanctuary, X, Akira and Gunm.. The most famous ones !
Check out Blame as well, and Noise, or Berserk, these ones are pretty good too.

The drawings are very different from the usual kawaii type manga that you often see. HAVE FUN !
Angel Sanctuary, X, Akira and Gunm and Berserk??? I don't think so.... Well, X is sometimes a bit dark and apocalyptical in the end but... my opinion^^
post apocalyptic one?

well its a bit dated but "hokuto no ken" aka the fist of the north star would be the obvious choice...theres a tv series and a manga (in japanese by jump-comics)

"omae ha mou shinde iru" :box: :angryfire
there's a Korean manga called Island
not sure if it's post-apocalyptic
but i really like it
blood, guts
really i think the animation on the series kicks ***
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