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Manga in American schools


15 Apr 2003
Is there any other school out there in the USA that has manga in their libraries?
The other day the librarian at our school got mangas! :D (Mainly because my sister told her to, and she understood how much we love anime! She's so cool!) I'm so happy! But, too bad I'm moving this summer to a different state. :eek:
Mangas should be in every school library and public library! O_O
There use to be lots of manga in our library in australia: ranma, tekken chinmi, urusei yatsura etc but people kept stealing them ;_;
Konnichiwa Animecartoons-san!

In Japan, there is not Manga in libraries. Because it is thought that Manga is low and harmful tastes.:D
But there is an exception, it's a historical Manga. The Manga of historical person is considered instructive materials for children. A lot of libraries have those historical Manga. But it's not so fan.:eek:

At some of the libraries (public; one of them's down the street from my school), they have Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2, Mai the Psychic Girl, Slayers, and Inu Yasha.
My little brother's middle school has manga but my high school and local library don't have any last time I checked,
damn, now i'm going to have to check out my school library and the library around me. hope they have something good like GTO (highly unlikely), Ranma 1/2, Ragnarok, and Real Bout High School.
My local comics shop doesn't even have manga. It would be nice to get it there regularly. The only manga I saw there was a Lupin III.
I can't imagine ever seeing manga in my school library. I'm one of only two people in my whole school that likes Japanese entertainment.
Stop to ask yourself this question: can you find superhero comics in your library? Same applies to manga. Manga, despite the fad in North America at the moment is still pretty fringe... On top of which it still costs outrageous amounts of money to translate manga because of the spacing limitations, which is not so for normal novels. I don't think you'll ever see that much manga on library shelves... When I was younger, my school libraries had a lot of European comics, but they were usually self contained, one volume stories, therefore easy to buy and low maintenance (i.e. not need to keep buying the next episode). When you stop to think about it, manga is really high upkeep for a library...
One of the libraries recently got "Mars" by Fuuyumi Soryo(I think that's how you spell it). I read the first volume, and fell in love with it.
Our school actually has a lot of manga in the library, probably at least 15-20 different tankoubon, largely in thanks to our new Anime & Manga club ^_^; And I mean, this is in North Carolina..so I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to get your school to order some.
Weird, but what kind of manga do they alow in schools? I haven't seen any manga in our school, but there is some in our Public Library...but a school...that seems hard to believe. But I'd go to the library everyday if they had Rurouni Kenshin (Which comes out in November in the U.S.) I can't wait!
yes our library has manga as well
not too many though...
a few dragon ball, and a few other ones which I cannot remember

but, selection is very limited
In france, we don't have any mangas in school libraries or city libraries. It is considered really stupid to read these "silly comics that trap you in an imaginary world and prevent you from working because of the lost of perception of reality..."

oddly, I've never heard that for any french, belgium or american comic...
Manga in libraries???!!!

Wow, I never thought of libraries having manga.

i will definiately check out my libraries to see if they have manga. I really hope they have Kenshin and Inu-yasha.

That sucks that your fellow french people think you're weird for liking manga, Onizuka. A world without manga? Now that would be even weirder.
Yep they'll usually nowadays have Manga at your local library. Well, it's at my local library. My friend told me that the movie Princess Mononoke was at the Library and you could check it out. 👍
wow! You're one of the fortunate people with easy access to great manga. I just called a couple of my local libraries and there was no luck : P

But luckily I just found out that stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders (large bookstore chains in my area) have just put up manga on the shelves. No movies yet, though. : (
Try going to Suncoast for the anime and they do have a semi-good solection of manga too but alas it's all in English tisk tisk tisk and sorta old too but for lets say Peach Girl, Peradise Kiss, MARS, ect ect Tokyopop titles are newer then most.

Well you can just go to a Little Tokyo (if you have one) and ask at the book store there for some manga or even anime music CD's too. The only Little Tokyo's I go to are in California.

note... Little Tokyo is like a Chinatown but with Japanese.
I'm so glad the new high school I'm going to has manga in the library but... it's not a lot and most of them I've already read. :auch: And, my sister and I still think we're the biggest otakus at that school. 👍
Originally posted by Ami
Yep they'll usually nowadays have Manga at your local library. Well, it's at my local library. My friend told me that the movie Princess Mononoke was at the Library and you could check it out. 👍

oooooooo! I love your avatar! It looks so cool! 👍
Manga is becoming more and more acessable <i>*yawns*</i> as time goes on, all due to the demand of the public. Plus the new major fad that finally hit home. For people like m this is a good thing and yet a sad thing as well... Once every fad hits then soon it falls away into the deapths of nothingness.

You can try using Kazaa, Limewire, ect ect ect... to find manga for your fix. Hay!!! I know afew people in the America's that are willing to sale there manga's thats in mint condition for as much as $10.00 USA... S&H are included in the price.
it bugs me that in the north of england were i live no one has even heard of anime or manga there is a small stor more than 30 miles from were i live that has a small slection but thats it manga in liberys not here
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