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Manga Artists?


18 Jan 2004
Any manga artists? I havent noticed anyone mention anything close to make me think their manga artists but I wanted to know since I myself am a beginner manga-ka(manga artist) and I wouldnt mind having a manga buddy from here aside from manga academy.

Also, anyone have any manga artwork they would like to show off?
I wouldnt mind giving some critique, since I have read a couple manga books and seen hundreds of pro-intermediate drawings.
I'd like to become a manga artist, but I don't think I have the talent...I've written/drawn a few shorties, but nothing big.
Well, though the path to manga is rough, you really only need a couple things.

1. Patience, you will be sitting at a desk for about 3+ hours making a great manga.
2. Regular old' pencil, a playdo type eraser, and a sketchbook.
3. The spirit! Without wanting to draw manga you cant do anything amazing!

~Arigato, Ja Matta~
i can draw!
i dont do backgrounds though
i have no story line
spend as much time as you need and try new techniques
me, i tried a layering/cel technique
looks pretty good
I couldn't draw a straight line WITH a ruler! But I love to write, so I'd have to team up with an artist to create a story! That'd be kinda cool!
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