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manga artist in okayama


5 Jul 2003
i am thinking of going to okayama and trying to do something in illustration and manga. dose anyone on this site know anyone who is from okayama city that makes manga? or is there anyone on this site that is from okayama city? i am looking for artist there before i go.
i would really like to learn under somone who know the tricks o the trade before i get my stuff moving. peace out!
I have a friend from high school who went on to work in the commercial comics industry, doing work for both Marvel and DC ( and later Image). Before he landed a "real" job, he had amassed quite an impressive portfolio with which he use to take with him everywhere he went. He would show his work to anyone who was interested but especially liked to go to "cons" (conventions) where he would wait in line for hours at a time sometimes just to get a chance to show his stuff to an established artist so that they would critique his work.

Eventually, he caught the eye of some pros and they gave him an assignment (two page layout of Batman vs. Predator if memory serves) just so they could see his chops at doing already well established characters. He even went so far to do his own inking and needless to say, got the job which ultimately led to bigger and better things. Not really sure how tough the manga biz is (especially in Japan), but the moral of the story I guess is to get yourself a portfolio together if you haven't already done so... you never know who you might run into once in Japan. :cool:
^ very good idea
also use google to get information on comiket
some of the fastest rising stars in the manga world got their start doing doujinshis and selling them at comiket
know japanese? learn or tell stories using only pictures (smoking good idea, huh? word!)
good luck!
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