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Manga&Anime in America

WHat do you think about manga and anime in USA

  • 1: i hate dont want it here

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  • 3: it bothers me

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  • 4:gosh

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  • 5:I dont realy mind

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  • 6:finaly

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  • 7:yippy woo woo

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  • 8: Halejuah i am so happy

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  • 9:hip hip hurray hip hurray

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  • 10:This is grand news i cant wait for the whole world to adopt it

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24 Sep 2003
What do all you guys and gals out there think about manga in america i personaly cant wait until my school and public library get it but i know big book stores carry them. Also do you think there should be schools for manga like theres cooking schools and buisness schools also law schools but no manga schools but collegess have manga and anime courses but just no manga schools for people to explore all aspects of manga. And it wouldnt even have to be four year classes it could be two year but a school for soley manga and anime would be great.😄 👏


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Know how you feel MangaMan. Here in Scotland there's only like a couple of small shops that stock Manga or anime. Plus, if you ask anyone what their favourite anime is they look at you like you're totally mad!!
Well see here in USA and Iowa if you know were that is manga and anime is known its just the only people who appreciate it are bookstores art teachersand fellow manga and anime fans and theres only a few fans at my school so its kinda hard and theres no manga in my librarys which makes me mad sad and bored so it amkes it realy hard to get any books or anything i have to go to Des Moines pronounced (Da Moy een) (Capital of Iowa and thats like thirty minutes away and also i dont have a car so it makes it even harder to get there.

The Banner below is of a website that sells some good stuff www.comictones.com if you have a website you want me to put out as a banner send me a banner at my email and i will put it up also i have a website so if you want me to add you just go to www.geocities.com/MangaMan2009 and sign the guestbook also send me a banner if you have one and put all info about your site in my guestbook.


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I think it's great that anime/manga is getting bigger her in the States. But for me personally, it makes going to conventions not so fun. For example I went to Anime Expo this past year and where in previous years I was able to buy manga and other one -of-a-kind stuff, this year I found it boring. Why: Because all they sold was English manga. Even Kinokuniya had mostly English manga. Now this is fine for those who can't read Japanese (and I know it's probably the majority of people), but the one reason I even learned Japanese was so that I can read manga. So I guess I will continue to visit Book Off, Kinokuniya, Asahiya for my manga.

Yeah i can understand your pain may not be able to relate but can understand once i learn japaneese ill wish i had japaneese comics but until then i wont but i can understand.
Anime isn't big here in my province...[Manitoba] there's a few stores here that sell anime...about 4-5 stores, but one of them was almost shut down for selling bootlegs. My brother and I usually get our anime and Japanese culture fill from E-Bay...
I'd like to see it in more places, but the nagain there'd be more pressure to increase already high prices (here in Ohio, anyway). The fact that having no cable and dial-up internet drives me nuts!!! Time to go hook up that old cable decoder :devilish:
Hey Silver atleast you got stores that sell it the only ones i know of are Barnes&Nobles and Walden Books but my public library got in a manga book its like a how to draw type but its Manga Mania the librarian said there gonna try and get the how to draw manga series there and comics too its so grand i cant wait. sry i hate puncuation as you can see.
I read Manga Mania, by Christopher Hart. Not nearly as good as his other one, Anime Mania. Figures :p. But the 'How to draw manga' series is really good.
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