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3 Oct 2003
dose any on like the look of the band malice mizer whats your oppinian of the gothic lolita look

also dose any one know were i can get a pic of mana without makeup
It took me way to long to find these...unorganized favourites...; I'm pretty sure there are some no make-up pics in the massive galleries; you might have to search a bit, though...

I love the visual look, malice mizer was great, and in reruns, they still are. And gothic lolita...if only I had the time, money, and motivation... oh, and the ability to create perfect ringlets (tips welcome). loverly, just loverly! ^^
i love mana-sama!😍 he's so cool, where would be visual rock be without him? he's my hero, his amazing music talent, his fashion sense. so what if he can't dance for smack? i actually like him better because he can't.
Mana rock's!!! I have made two of his costumes. I simply love him. Love the EGL look to!!! GO MANA!!!
Gotta love Mana and the attempts at being graceful and failing miserably. But I do love him for the style and well the ability to pick out some great vocalists...I wasn't fond of Tetsu but well everyone has mistakes....but Juka, Klaha, Gackt....I ADORE them! EGL is great....I have always loved Malice Mizer's French Aristrocratic look...I have seen a few pics of Mana w/o makeup...he looks better with it
I love Mana! he's so great. I don't think I've ever seen him w/o makeup ^^ He's a constant topic for discussion among my friends becausei guess most of us like femmy men. ^^ Along with the pictures of my friends on my locker, I put one of Mana. ^^
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