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Male Phallus


20 Jul 2003
Could anyone tell me the history behind the festival, around spring time, where the male phallus is worshipped?

Lots of women carrying around a large 'male member' does fascinate.
Thank you Thomas....very inciteful.

Interesting part about the 'souvenir candy'.....!!??

It has always been a point of interest for me too(no pun intended, of course). It's a long-running joke between my husband and me. I always have to find some way to ask him about--as I refer to it as--the p***s shrine. Also, there is a shrine for the female "part" as well, isn't there? I recall my husband telling me there were both male and female "members" represented near his home. :p
What's so weird about that ? Indians all see Shiva "lingam" everyday that show both male and female "members" as the symbol of creation.
Well, it's just interesting to me, as we don't normally have festivals in regards to reproductive organs here. I'm not saying it's weird. It's just interesting.
Maybe WE should have a p***s festival where they are worshipped........oh!.....hang on, we already do.......we call it the General Erec....ooops!....Election


(Sorry folks, couldn't resist)
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some links from thomas in another thread on this subject:
Originally posted by thomas
Here's some more info:

Ed's Quirky Japan

=> 404 Page Not Found. - GMOインターネット


=> The Yamasa Institute - Study Japanese in Japan

iKjeld Feature


and an article from maxim about the same thing:
Originally posted by jeisan
this is the complete artcle i copied from the magizine, thats just how its written (plus the metric conversions):

Eager to have your penis worshipped by throngs of Asian women without having to pay one thin dime? Book a ticket to Japan for the Tagata Penis Festival, for more that 1500 years, the town of Komaki has set aside March 15 for its unusual fertility celebration in which people gather -- last year more than 50000 showed up -- to give the almight schlong its props. The star of the celebration is a 1000 pound (455 kg) king dong thats carved anew every year by 92 year old craftsman Kunimitsu Siaki -- whos been sporting the tremendous wood since he was 17. The highlight of the day is the massive parade in which revelers march behind the frighteningly large member -- 8.2 feet long (2.5 meters), 24 inches (60cm) around, carved from the trunk of a cypress tree -- as they get drunk on free sake. The best part of the festival? Women suck on penis shaped popsicles, eat penis shaped cakes, and wear penis inspired charms. The worst part? So do the men. --Maxim Magizine, MAR. 2001
Well, I am definitely going in 2004! It sounds like a lot of fun.
I wonder what flavors of penis I can get to suck on?
Interesting thought on flavours.......although you don't want to be sucking a yellow one..!!
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