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17 Jul 2002
As you can see, we have added a "donation" button on the top right. It's up to you to help Japan Reference survive the test of time. :) Paypal and credit card payments are accepted. The amount is just what you can afford or what you are willing to do for the forum and the whole website.

Who knows, if we gather enough funds, we will be able to add new functionalities and scripts to improve the site as best as we can.

Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

The JREF Team

I've never dared to use a credit card on-line. Could someone tell me how to use this thing called Paypal.
Do you have to give them a card number using your keyboard, or can you call it in using an 800 number?
I see & hear their name everywhere, so I guess they've never been hacked? Thanks for any help(remember,keep it simple)!

yeah pay pal kinda hooks up to your bank account/credit card. so any purchase you make with it comes from there, and any money you receive goes into your account. if you feel the need to not type your number on the keyboard then you can always copy and paste numbers in the correct order...
So Now All I Need Is....

the permission of "The HOLDER of the PURSE STRINGS"
AKA "THE WIFE" to allow me to spend some.

This fora has potential staying power...

I think JapanReference will stand the tests of time. This fora will be a bookend for many years to come, if the popularity is there.
Regarding paypal, I suggest not blindly trusting them. Read the stories at www.paypalsucks.com to get some idea of the problems that can happen.

That said, I've used them with no problem for years now. And if you're simply making a payment via credit card, your risk is minimal.
So far I've used paypal with no problems also. I try to keep the amount of money stored there a small amount, just in case.
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