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Major Japanese Cities

Hanada Tattsu

12 Aug 2003
Hello, everyone.

I was wondering, what is a major, modern Japanese city, besides Tokyo? By that, I mean, a city with highrises, and lots of people, and many malls, and stuff.

Kind of like a mini-version of Tokyo. Does anyone know?

Thanks to all that help! ;)
Yokohama has one of the tallest buildings in Japan, if it's still not the tallest, called the Landmark Tower...actually Yokohama, Kawasaki and most satellite cities near Tokyo sometimes make it hard to distinguish where one ends and the other begins....

Osaka is pretty modern...I'd say if it has more than a million people living/commuting there everyday, then it's a major city.... :eek:
you'd think so wouldn't you, but Kobe with a population of 1.5 million is considered small!

actually there are heaps of cities in Japan with tall buildings and great malls. Kobe does, Osaka - 6 million-, Hiroshima, etc etc etc I really can't be bothered writing all the cities.
Even here in my small town of 30,000 actually has good shops and one decent SATY mall.

You really don't need to go to Tokyo :)
By population : Yokohama (3,5million), Osaka (2,6m), Nagoya (2m), Sapporo (1,8m), Kyoto (1,5m), Kobe(1,5m), Fukuoka (1,3m), Kawasaki (1,2m), Hiroshima(1,1m), Kitakyushu (1m), Sendai (1m).

They all have lots of shops, malls, restaurants, etc.
Thanks for all answering my questions, everybody! :)

I decided that the two large cities that I'm comparing with each other are Tokyo (duh!) and Nagoya. Nagoya is pretty big and modern, not as big as Yokohama and Osaka, but pretty big.
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