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Mailing a package to japan??


7 Oct 2003
Okay, I have a penpal in Japan and we are always talking back and forth through email, but now I want to send her a package.
I have never sent anyone a package before, even in the US.

Anyway, I need info on how to mail a package to Japan (it's a wrist watch, to give you an idea of its size)

I just have no idea on how to do that... I need to know what kind of address information I need, and what service I should use. The faster the service the better.
If anyone knows of a good website with complete information on this, it would be much appreciated.

Please tell me all you can, this is very important to me.

Thank you so much for your time!
Right Nick,

I often send packages abroad, and while I was in the states I used the good old USPS to send to Malaysia!...They might not send to Japan though...

However, you may want to use Mailboxes Etc (who will pack it for you too) since they contact different shipping companies like DHL and UPS, and provide a whole service, making it very easy for you ...and make sure you get insurance for it.

USPS: http://www.usps.com/global/sendpackages.htm
Mailboxes ETC. http://www.mbe.com/ps/index.html
DHL: http://www.dhl-usa.com/index
UPS: Global Home: UPS - United States

It really is very simple: All you need is the address you're sending it to...a box for the watch, make sure its got good packaging so as not to break, and pay for shipping and insurance!

Easy peasy, and I'm sure she'll be happy with the watch!
I always USPS for mailing our stuff to Japan. I usually pack it myself, although they can give you something to pack it in there. All you do is just take it to the post office and tell them where you want to mail the package to and which shipping method you want. When I send something, I always use the Global Express, and they have a little carbon form to fill out with the address you're mailing from and the address you're mailing to. They just stick it on the package and that's it. I think using that method, it usually gets there within 3 to 4 days.
yeah but it depends USPS is sometimes more expensive than UPS and vice versa depending on where you ship to im usually sending and receiving from austalia so it may be different. but check out mailboxes etc besides being able to pack it for you they will be able to tell you which company will ship it cheapest or fastest or both depending, also what may be more reliable. packing isnt much maybe a whole dollar or 2. the most ive paid for a package to australia was about $18 and it was bigger and heavier than a wrist watch so id say your prolly looking at spending less than $10 for the whole deal, regular shipping should take no more than a week. they also offer insurance, 1 dollar will get you $100 worth. id say go early in the day so that it will ship out the day you drop it off to them. early in the week as well, because UPS doesnt do anything on saturday and sunday.
Mail Package (small) Overseas

I have sent a small box, containing two music CD's.

Sent via United States Post Office.


Make sure it is AIR MAIL

Make the Post Office stamp AIR MAIL !

You have to fill out a small customs-form, and sign it.

The cost of item, is it a gift, thats about all.

This is attached to the package.

It was about 9-10 dollars to send from Georgia to a city in Japan.

NOTE 1: Japanese address are very long, plan how you are going to fit this on the package.

NOTE 2: If n-o-t sent AIR MAIL, it would go by sea, many many weeks. !

also if just sending a letter or a card you can place 3 regular stamps on the envelope and write "airmail" underneath them. the letter will get there just the same, saving a trip to the post office. you might be able to get away with 2 im not sure of the standard rate to japan.
Wow, I wasn't expecting this many replys this fast!

Thanks all, this really helps. I will have to do a little looking around now, to find the best way to send it.

Just go with the USPS, there's no point in shopping around for other methods which are unlikely to be cheaper for a small item like that. You can check the price at www.usps.gov if you want. Go with Letter Post or Parcel Post, whichever is cheaper. Insurance is inexpensive but optional. Insuring and sending a valuable item may cause the Japanese postal inspector to check out the package and charge a duty on it. The postal clerk will give you the forms you need to fill out.
i just dont like waiting in line at the post office, and theyre not as helpful as mailboxes etc. which can ship things by USPS anyway. sometimes even cheaper than if you went to the post office. just make sure they give you a customs form, the first time i shipped internationally the post office forgot and my package took 3 weeks to be delivered while australia post opened and checked it out. another reason i like mailboxes etc.
I'm glad I have a dependable post office. I wouldn't go with anything else other than the USPS. They haven't failed me yet.
How could mailboxes etc ship by USPS and be cheaper?! If so they would have had to take a loss on the sale.

I've never used a packaging place -- I always assumed they cost more and never saw the point of putting another firm in the middle.
because they buy wholesale. why would they pay the same price as the general public? thats how businesses work. its alot cheaper to buy plumbing stuff if your a plumber than if your not. besides it wasnt much, like 1 dollar the only time i compared the prices.
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