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Maid Cafe in Japan

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20 Mar 2016
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I'm currently working on my thesis so that I can finally get my BA degree... My topic is maid cafes in Japan and I would love to know what people think about them! So whether you have been to a Japanese maid cafe - or not -, or you have opinions of the subject and would be so kind to answer my questionnaire, I would be ever so grateful. This questionnaire should take around 5 minutes to complete and I will not be able to trace any of the information back to you. Please click here to answer my questionnaire.
卒論文のために、メイドカフェのアンケートを作りました。日本人や外人としてメイドカフェにどんなイメージを持っているを知りたいので是非このアンケートを答えてください☆ アンケートです。
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