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Magnum P.I.

I seen a couple of Magnum P.I. episodes 'back in the day'....what a car, what a mustache. ;)

Eternal : Magnum P.I. is a Private Investigator (played by Tom Selleck) who drives a red ferrari and has a big mustache. 🙂

magnum p.i. info

okay..so the mustache aint as big as i remember....doh...... nice motor though. *nods*


[edit] This is probably a better information link...well, from the quick scan read i did of it. ;)

better Magnum P.I. info

I love long range shooting and he made it look so easy. It was a great western and took place in Austrailia(in the story line). Rent it if ya like westerns !

I loved that show! I used to watch it right after Saturday night WWF programs with my big brother when he lived with me. Those were good times.
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