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Maciamo's Pictures of Tokyo


17 Jul 2002
I've just updated my photo site, with a virtual visit of Central-Eastern Tokyo. You've probably seen a few pics in the JREF Gallery, but there is a lot more...
bug alert at the home page:

Famed Imperial palace moat. One of the most popular cherry blosom viewing place in Tokyo.
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thanks maciamo, i really enjoyed looking at all those photos, especially the ones taking from the towers and buildings.
my suggestion though would be to put the "continue tour to..." links at the bottom of every page
Here we go. I've rectified the bug and added "continue tout to..." to each page.

I've forgotten to mention my 2nd picture site : Tragi-magic Tokyo. I've just started yesterday, so there aren't so many pics yet... Which design is better of the 2 sites ?
i like the tragi-magic design better, though im partial to blues and other cool/calm colors. great idea for a site btw, i cant wait to see more pics.
"Which design is better of the 2 sites ?"
the lucky nugget! it just jumps right out at me
good luck!
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