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17 Jul 2002
Hi all! ;)

I've just created a new website that will complete Maciamo Japan. The title says it all; it is dedicated to my personal pictures of Tokyo. The best pics are on the main site, but I've found it more convenient to include a slideshow when there were lots of pics. Rather than just photographing the usual touristic places (Tokyo Tower , Senso-ji, Imperial palace, Shibuya...), I have looked for places less frequented by Western travellers. Some towers' view is completely inaccessible to people who don't work or live there (Tsukuda towers, Akasaka Park tower, etc.). So, I've been there for you when I could. Available so far are :

in slideshow

Hanami at Korakuen + Kagurazaka
Tsukuda towers and Eitai Bashi
Tsukiji Market and Shiodome
Sunshine City Ikebukuro

no slideshow (so far)


and should be ready in a few hours :


It's all here: Maciamo Tokyo Photo :p
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I really enjoyed the pics of Tsukiji fish market, looking forward to see your page in all of its splendour!

Wow... ur site got lots of content and great links...

and the Seto-o-hashi bridge looks awesome.......
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