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MacArthur & Hirohito's first meeting

I'm taking sides with the Showa Emperor.

The poor guy was virtually a puppet, had to take blame for what both the army and navy did, and to top it off he had to go public that he wasn't some deified personality.

But, he WAS the emperor. He controlled everything!
Yeah, he controlled his household and all kinds of boring rituals and ceremonies.

@ information -- cover up
Mac Arthur depended on Japanese locals for help. So what do you expect? A person totally believing in their Emperor willing to wilfully write something that might harm their country. That was at that time. It does no good to complain now about what has happened.

If they're going to complain about information cover ups, why don't they dig out all the translators who on purposely left horrendous ambiquities in the consititution.

"Oh yes Mac Arthur sama, we translated exactly as you asked. See here ... Japan shall posse no armys or navys."

Actual thought pattern ... "Oh yes Lord Hairy Mac Monkey, we did exactly what you wouldn't expect because you're so stupid to trust us, we left holes where ever possible, especially in regards in that silly and ridiculous army and navy clause ... We'll be sure to do our best to make a bigger and hairier monkey out of you."
I read about this, too, somewhere.

The theory in the book(?) where I read it was that MacArthur was thinking about the presidency of the U.S., and he thought that the idea of the emporer of Japan personally taking responsibility/apologizing(?) for the war to him directly would help his standings among the U.S. electorate.
William Merrell Vories

He did a good job for meeting of Emperor Hirohito and MacArthur.


according to MacArthur Recollection record:
The emperor visited MacArthur by his intention at GHQ(窶佚ヲヒ?ェツ青カ窶督スニ池ニ停?ケツ) 9/27/1945
The emperor seid MacArthur
"I have all the responsibilities of the war.I take any kind of Punishment.
I want you to save the nation"
MacArthur was very surprised.........
I was shaken by large impression.
Responsibility with death
His attitude that this courage to try to undertake the responsibility for the war made me impressed.
I thought this Emperor were Japanese the best gentlemen
as the Japanese sense, these words of the Emperor are not so surprising
after occupation of Japan , whenツ GHQ announced the assets of the Emperorツ was 1600million yen, the Japanese was not surprised at all .
There seems to be a difference of a sense for monarchy of the Japanese and the foreigner .
A monarch of all countries except Japan has the vast property which he plundered from the people.
When a revolution and war, a political change happen as for such monarch, they demand a guarantee of one's life and maintenance of property promptly and plan exile.
Therefore GHQ announced assets of the Emperors and would be going to bring about antipathy of the nation.
MacArthur participated in Korean War afterwards.
When MacArthur experienced difficulty with a strategic aspect in the Far East Eurasian Continent,The Japanese Asian aggression showed the opinion that was war for "self-defense.
Emperor's patrol tour for ppl(1946~8)
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Thinking about the negociation between U.S. & Soviet Union and ANZUS, the paragraph seemed like fiction.
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