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21 Sep 2003
i'm Valeria
i'm 17 , and i'm from italy
i like a lot travelling all around the world.... i went to Australia, ireland, france, austria, england...
one of my dreams is to go to Japan, live there...
i speak 4 languages: english, french, german and italian of course
i like really writing, and reading but the best thing is listen to music and reading...
i like learn more about japan so... maybe i must learn japanese before:p

Welcome Valeria :D

You gone find this place very usefull. Post anytime about anything.

Ther`s also the French section you might like to visit.

You also can post or reply in Italian or any other language that you know. Talk to "RIVEN" on the franch section. He will like to hear from you!

send my love.

tua zia,

Cathy🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)
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