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Lyrics wanted - Hero (Oda Kazumasa) etc


15 Mar 2002
Hi all

Just got the mp3 of Hero by Oda san and i really like the song.
Is this song sung by both Oda and Misuchiru together (doesnt sound like that) or are there 2 versions?

I want the lyrics of the following songs (Japanese or romaji)

1. "Hero" by Oda Kazumasa
2. "Ano subarashii ai wo mou ichido" by Kitayama Osamu and Katou Kazuhiko

Have searched so many websites in vain.
Could someone let me know the sites where I can get a huge database of j-pop lyrics?
I am able to get lyrics of English songs in a jiffy using 'google' but its a struggle for lyrics of J songs. :-(
Nangi san
mata, arigatou!!
thanks again, In fact, I managed to get the lyrics of Hero in Japanese itself after vigorous searching in yahoo.co.jp


Who sang this song originally? Misuchiru ot Oda Kazumasa?
Similary, the wonderful song shunkashuutou (春夏秋冬) has been sung by many , right? Is this pretty common in J-Pop?
One more instance I can think of is jidai (時代)sung by Yakushimaru Hiroko and Miyuki Nakajima (original)
Konnichiwa Kinjo-san!

There are a many song "Hero" and "Shunkashuuto" in Japan. Those songs are the same title but are quite different each other, the singer, lyrics and composition.

But the song "Jidai" of Nakajima and Yakushimaru are the same song. This song's lyrics and composition author is a Nakajima Miyuki. Of course she is a original singer!

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