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Lupo Globular

Looks great. It could use some lights or decorations, 'cause it's a bit plain right now.

It appears to be based on the new iMac.

Does it come with the ashtray? :)
No ashtray, but you can use it as hat-stand, lol. These are just preview shots, I'm sure they are still working hard until next week.
Lupo has been released:


At ¥129,800 it comes with the following features:

HDD: EPIA-5000 (Eden 533MHz)
128 RAM memory
no FDD, but USB connection


The following colors are available

=> http://www.lupo.co.jp/develop/artemis-color.html

Lupo website

=> _LUPOホームページ (in Japanese)
epia, wow, not a racing machine :eek:

i would prefer something like that, more conventionnal and usable

lian li pc50

and still japanese! :p
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