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Lupin the Third going Hollywood

here they show them both on cartoon network, though i saw cowboy bepop before i ever saw lupin, i did notice some striking sililaries between the 2 in after just one epidode of lupin. probally the bepop writes are huge lupin fans. either way id love to see lupin in theaters, provided they dont butcher it into some hardly recognizeable kiddie movie.
Lupin III as a movie? Hmm.. funny but I think it has the matterial to be a great action movie.

CB is great and as for influences from Lupin, this show is so old that the crew of CB probably grown up seeing it on TV. It's a great show and I still see it from time to time.... when I'm zapping the TV.
i agree with jeisan. Ever sice i saw it cartoon network i have loved the show, and i think it would make a great action film. But only as long as they dont screw up the transition by making it a goofy movie for children.
Na i just would not be able to bring myself to watch it. It would be in English language and American accents. After watching it so many times in Japanese i dont think i could handle it.
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