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Love affairs.


24 Mar 2003
I'm sorry if this question insults anyone.
My sister was living by herself about two years in Japan and, when we were talking about japanese couples she told me that a lot of married woman had lovers because their husbands were always at work, that she had seen this among her friends. I would like to know if this is true or if my sister's friends were just a coincidence.
Again, sorry if this question insults anyone, but if you don't like please press back and please don't complain because I'm asking only because of curiosity (maybe a little because of morbity, but other people watch reality shows instead).
If I insult you, I'm really sorry.
Although I don't have any numbers to back up my claim, it does seem to be a generally accepted idea amongst foreigners.

If you look at the number of "furin" Web sites (furin means adultery) aimed at women, I would say that you're sister's friends were no exception, although your sister may have revolved around a group of wives particularly prone to cheating, as I have none in my own particular circle of friends.

Yet, I will temper my words by saying that men, arguing work, cheat more than women (as it's the case in North America; I don't know about South America). Love hotels (of which there is a throng) have men in mind first, women second.

Yet, I think that this "Japanese wives cheat a lot" idea is more a male fantasy than an actual reality (although, again, I have no numbers to back this claim), even if Japanese wives are still, yes even today, not regarded as much more than cooks/maids, responsible for childbearing and childrearing, I don't think they cheat as much as the rumor makes it seem...
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