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Lost in Okinawa- Yutaka wa doko desuka?


15 Mar 2002
Hi! I'm Clif Overby from Herndon, Virginia, USA. I was a Marine stationed in Naha, Okinawa (Camp KInser) from 1981-1983. I lived with Yutaka Fukushima , who would be in his mid to late forties by now. We had a part time band called "Tono". We hung out at bars called Camel, Tisney, Puna, Folkmates. We had garlic feasts at "Gyuya". I have no clue about how to find him and I miss him a lot. Any suggestions or ideas would be warmly received. Yutakasan wa watashino ichiban tomadachi deshita! Please help if you can, I'm happy, however, to speak with anyone, especially Okinawans. (My "hogan" or "uchinaguchi" is better than my Japanese!) Please be patient with me, I just got this darn computer and I don't know a thing about the internet. Peace. -Clif

P.S. My okinawa buddies called me by my middle name, Jeff (Jefu) as it was slightly easier to pronounce than Clif.
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