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lost highschool friend


3 Sep 2002
hello i'm new here, my name is shamim.

i had a good friend in highschool i knew her for two years then she moved back to japan. her name is MAKI NAKADA. we wrote letters back and forth constantly, then i lost contact.

i think she may have gone to college and lost my info.

her name is MAKI NAKADA, she lives in OKAZAKI-CITY AICHI JAPAN
um/// i think around Azakatasaka higashi aichiwa-cho.....or something.....please i must get into contact with her....if anyone can help!!!!

much appreciated!!! thanks!
Hi Shamim,

and welcome to the board!

You should try and send a letter to your friend with all the geographical details you mentioned in your post. The Japanese postal service is unmatched in tracing people. It's worth a try.
welcome and yoroshiku

I agree with Thomas. The postal service is pretty outrageous in service. I've gotten mail that proably should have gone to Antartica!!! Seriously, 1 address was so wrong that I would never have guessed that I lived at there!

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