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17 Sep 2002
I am looking for a beautiful lady that I knew back in the late 1950's. Her name is Kimiyo Hirohata and lived in Sapporo. She would be about 65 years young. If you know her or if you have any idea how I could look for her please let me know. Thank You.
welcome and yoroshiku.

I live in Sapporo but 1950 and 2000 are light years apart in this city. Even 30 years ago things are so different.

Hmmm, the military has basically pulled out and what not.

Do you have more information? ie, High school and what not. I teach several older ladies but I'll need more info to help. Chances if she was married at the time that she could still be living in the same basic area.
I can only tell you that Kimiyo worked at the Air Force Base in Chitose. She had a younger sister that lived with her parents in Sapporo. Her address was 15 East 9, North 2, Sapporo.
hmmm ... most likely their house has been paved over for a parking lot.

I'll take a drive by just in case.
That area is now basically city hall and Hokkaido Police Head Quarters.

On the off chance have you tried a post card? It's really amazing what kind of wonders the Japanese Post Office is capable of.
Yes, I have tried a card. I would love to hear about her or else from her again. It would take a great load off my heart. I thank you for anything that you can do. I wish I could afford to fly back to Japan and look for her myself.
Thank You Again
ooops, sorry I mixed East with West.

I'll be going through that area tomorrow since it's near where I work. No promises since that area is now a shopping mall.
ok, I went around the North 2 East 9 block (15 seems to concern the whole block -- old numbering system it seems, very rare in Sapporo). I found a park, a few older houses, and a newish company.

Actually, this address is across the street from my favorite Mac computer shop in town.

There is a very old dry-cleaners and buddhist temple (errr, OTERA) that faces most of the 15 banchi area that probably has been there for a while.

Since, she was an older member of the community I felt a little strange to knock on doors. Also, because I didn't really know what kind of circumstances I should be asking for and would hate to accidently dig up old bones.
This is a guess, but is the name Hirohata used a lot. I mean in the U.S. the name Smith is used a lot. Is it possible for you to give me an address and name out of the phone book that I might be able to write a note to see if they might be related to Kimiyo? If I could find her, it would make an old man very happy (me). Thanks again for all your help. If you want to know any more or if you have any questions about anything please let me know.
No, the name is pretty rare. The phone book lists 3 Hirohatas, each with a different Character combination.

Problem is that single women aren't normally listed and it's not that mandatory to list your phone number either.

Each address is on opposite sides of town. Plus you mentioned Chitose which is about 45 minutes outside of town.

I'll see what I can do tomorrow or in a few days when I have more time in my schedule. I'll try to drop by the cleaners or the temple.
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