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lost friend

6 Mar 2003

Despite what my user name says, i'd rather be called 'solo', or Rodrigo. I live in Chicago, Il. and I am looking for an old schoolmate by the name of Sayako Hamanaka. We were attending the American Academy of Art and she had to return to Japan last Feb. I'm pretty sure she is living in Tokyo but I'm not 100% on that. She's 22 y.o., about 5' 6', with black med. length hair. I don't know where else to look. She didn't have many friends here and the one i did meet is nowhere to be found.

I would appreciate any info on her or how i can go about finding her.

her e-mail address here used to be [email protected], if that helps any. mine is [email protected]


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With such little to go on, your best bet is to go back to the school and ask them to forward a letter from you to her home address.
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