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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King


14 Nov 2003

though it may have more talking scences the battles were.....

[insert word for super goood movie] [end word]

I love the elephant riders. those guys Were soooooooo AWEsome plust l like the elf....did you see him ta.....

just in case some haven't seen i want going into detials...

sorry😌 ;)
Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed the film as well (even if it was a bit drawn out towards the end). I kept holding out for Gandalf though to go postal at some point while engaging Sauron's armies but he never did (he is a 7,000 year-old Wizard after all, heh), ahh well. LotR definitely ranks up there as one of the best trilogies of all time imho just behind the original Star Wars.
I really enjoyed this movie as well, it certainly lives up to it's hype! and was much (muchx10) better than crappy Matrix Revolutions. Having owned the dvds for the first 2 installments for LOTR, I would definately get the third one as well.


Note to the people who already seen the movie.
(Warning: Spoilers Ahead... Spoilers Ahead...)
sorry, i'm too excited and wanted to share my ideas.
- I loved the original idea about the cursed and fallen warriors, it surely spices up the storyline.
- Frodo is too weak! Gosh, Sam could've done a better job for him. At one point I thought Sam could've just pushed Frodo down along with the ring, just to get the scene over with... lol
- Yeah, If Gandalf had more powers than just shine light, then it would been much more interesting.
- There were parts that I thought the movie was over, as in when Aragon said "You bow to no one", or when the Elfs set sail in the amazing background...

Eitherway, it's a really good film...much better than I had expected.
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Wow,This movie was great!,It was a really long movie but it is well worth it,And those battles were the most craziest i have ever seen with all those monsters and (i cant ruin it) but it was great,Sam is the man fighting the spider.i would have been 😲
I like the movie since it was move true to the book than the first two movies and the battles just rocked! Sam was a really bad *** in this movie.
I wonder why they showed Sam get married in the ending with a lady... Was it because people thought he was gay with Frodo or something? Or nevermind, it's probably just me exaggerating.
Was I the only one who wanted to finish all of Elrond's sentences with "Mr. Anderson"?
Originally posted by Neesh
I wonder why they showed Sam get married in the ending with a lady... Was it because people thought he was gay with Frodo or something?

Ha ha ha, I had the same feeling too... These Hobbits are definately a breed apart.
"Was I the only one who wanted to finish all of Elrond's sentences with "Mr. Anderson"?"

LOL, I know what you mean...
That movie so rocked. I'm like married to it and the books. I bought the ring and arwens pendant. You know legolas always was posing in a battle as if in a commercial. You know when aragorn changed clothes he finally washed his hair. It looked weird w/o all the sweat and stuff in it.
i did a good job with this thread!

My love was those elephant riders!!! With those things tied to the tusk they loook like giant lawn mowers when they were running over people!

Gandolf was wild in that movie that old man can fight with that staff and sword! I was like Damn!

And the Best was legolas! he was doing alot of posing:D But its alright cuz hes the man! he took down a whole elephant caracan...with only a bow and a splendid finish!👏
[the ghost were a good part init too, and frodo...god let me stop because that man just made me mad----go SAM!-boi got married!---YEA!!!!!--]
Originally posted by m477
Was I the only one who wanted to finish all of Elrond's sentences with "Mr. Anderson"?

no your not! :D ....i couldn't get past it! ..he is completely type-cast now for me. Whatever role he plays he is always Mr. Smith now!!! hehe

I saw this film last night and it was awesome!! the battle scenes were really really really really really good!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........the end was super drawn out though. I also thought that it would be better for Sam to simply push Frodo in with the ring just to get the thing over and done with!..haha..

ace film!

Oliphuants did kicked ***. But the Treants kicked more *** since they are just undead army. But the movie missed lot of scenes and plots. There was no Saruman scene, and there was also no Easterling in the siege of Minas Tirinth.
Originally posted by Shadow
Ha ha ha, I had the same feeling too... These Hobbits are definately a breed apart.

nahh, he got married in the book too... he knew this girl before they went of to destroy the Ring... did any one read the books?
i read the first two books. After each movie I would read the book to it. Now I have to start reading the thrid one. Kind of like watching the movie all over again.
I haven't seen LOTR 3 yet. I want to see it though. I haven't read any of the books, because I already have a bunch of other books that I want to read first.

i can't stop thinking bout those elephants!!!!

sam should have pushed him in...I was the only in the movies with friends talking bout...PUSH HIM IN!!!! GO HOME A HERO...yes i know thats wrong...:D

extended version moon.....MAybe i should start reading the books.

MR.Anderson...My name is Aragorn!!!!!!
lol very funny i was thinking push him too extended version is gonna be super long i want to watch all three extended in one day
if they'd fit in one day...
Think I'm finally gonna bother to go and see it tonight... will give my verdict after...
I thought it was such a great movie! When Pippin was singing his song for that retarded, stupid, no-good Denethor after he sent Faramir off to his death... when the scene cuts to the Orcs shooting their arrows and Faramir heading off into battle... I sobbed. ;____; I sobbed so much, especially when Pippin ended the song and it looked like he was going to cry...

And I loved the part when the Witch King said "No man can kill me" or something to that effect and Eowyn takes off her helmet and says "I am no man" and kills him! XD I was cheering for her. XDXD

Um, and, of course, Shelob's Lair had me shaking and almost wetting my pants. X_X;; I hate spiders enough, but Shelob... the mother of all spiders... My Gods, she was horrible! Thank God Sam gave a good ***-kicking. =]

I LOVED the Path of the Dead and the Army of the Dead. Waaaaah, it was just so cool! So great!

The ending was great, I was sobbing the whole time. XD I mean, really sobbing. I was a little disappointed by the lack of the Faramir/Eowyn romance, there wasn't even a scene of Saruman and Grima Wormtongue, and I think some of the scenes should have been longer, but I suppose I'll get at least some of what I want in the Extended Edition of the movie. =]
I read the books...I have to say that watching the movies was much more fun though. 😄 Of course, Im impatient and have to get all the good stuff in one day!

Tsuki (or anyone who can answer this question), before Sam fought Shelob in the book....Did Golum chase him off in the book as well? I really can't remember anymore.

Great film, waaaay better than The Matrix Reloaded (or whatever the name of the third one was...that one battle was just the same one from the first recycled :cautious: ).
Reading the book was waaay better than watching the movie. It ruined the movie experience for me actually. There was no suspense in the movie for me at all. IT was a great adaptation but I had a vision in mind of the story from reading it and I don't think I am going to watch it again because my vision was not peter jackson's
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